I usually work on backends (ERP, communication, payment systems, etc), sometimes I write firewalls and proxies and security tools for the current projects and our servers. I do work always in pure C, for speed, efficiency, stability and pleasure. I am passionate about Linux based embedded systems, IoT, etc. (but currently I have no time for those)


Currently, I have only one public project: Zero MAC. It is a Mandatory Access Control security system built as a Linux kernel LSM (Linux Security Module). I started to write in 2015 and it is still under development. I do work on the project in my (very limited) free time. I use it in a production environment, so it has stable version(s).

You can find the documentation and source code at:

If you found a bug or you can attack the system (even side-channel attacks), please contact me!
The system is free and open source (GPL v2), if you use it, and like it, (or not), please let me know :)

If you like the project, you can donate:


You can contact by email:

I do not use my Facebook and LinkedIn account, have no time for those, sorry.